A new gaming experience where real-world objects interact with virtual environments

28 novembre 2011


Plug the ePawn Arena on your smartphone and enjoy a new gaming experience
in which you’ll touch real objects in a virtual world.

Real objects

Get back to real feelings, touch real objects and use them as the most natural interface with a system.
Instead of having 3D screens, have real objects on a screen: is there any better 3D than real 3D?

Real Time

ePawn’s tracking solution is fast.
Objects are seamlessly tracked by the system and they can even be used as devices for action games

Numerous Objects

ePawn’s solution is not only fast. Also, it can track numerous objects at the same time.
Up to 100 objects can be tracked simultaneously.

Identified Objects

Objects managed by ePawn are not only real but also identified.
For instance, the black queen is recognized from a white castle when playing with real chess pieces.
Or a model can have specific talents: spells for a wizard, life points, engine parameters for a car, etc.

Accurate Position, Orientation, Altitude

ePawn’s technology is not only tracking the positions of real objects.
But it also tracks the orientation of the objects.
And it also provides an object’s height above the screen.

Big Surface, Large Screen: Size Matters…

ePawn’s technology can handle large tracking surfaces and is available with large screens.
This is large enough for 4 to 6 people to play at the same time on the same screen


The ePawn Arena can be connected to any computing device (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV box).


ePawn’s solution is affordable and is in the range of the gaming console prices.



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